Making Your Real Estate Dreams Come True

About Sandra

Urban Real Estate Services Ltd. Realtor Sandra Duncan has enjoyed tremendously diverse work experiences, earning an MBA in midlife, working as an executive director of a retirement home, and consulting to small businesses. What has remained constant is the joy she takes in new challenges, her commitment to helping others, and her skill in managing change.

 “Taking the time to truly listen to what others have to say has always interested me,” Sandra says. “Whether that’s sitting with residents at the retirement home or helping start-up companies with their bookkeeping, that’s what motivates me.”

 A caring and compassionate person, Sandra’s priority is to understand what her clients want, and ensure they have all the relevant information in hand. “The best agents are patient, and take the time to get clients everything they need,” she says. “That’s my aim: to leave no stone unturned, and to see that my clients are truly well-informed.”

 “I specialize in managing change, and at that point in life when you are looking to simplify, there’s a lot going on in your finances, emotionally, and just the logistics of scaling down,” she says. Sandra is equally well placed to help first-time home buyers, whatever their needs. With experience on a condo board, plenty of knowledge and CIR-sponsored training about the complexities of condo ownership, Sandra is prepared to help young people make the leap.

Having long been an accountant, Sandra’s numbers skills are a tremendous benefit to clients. “You want clients to understand what they can afford, what the big picture is, now and down the road,” Sandra says. “Sometimes that might mean giving a little here and there on the wish-list, but it’s worth it not to overextend. Maybe that’s life experience, maybe that’s accounting. Probably it’s both.”

If you are looking for an honest, knowledgeable, hard-working agent who is truly understanding, patient, and well-informed, give Sandra Duncan a call